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Empowering Safety, Excellence, and Peace of Mind Through Advanced Preparedness and Integrity.

Why Dynamic Tactical Security

Dynamic Tactical Security (DTS) stands at the forefront of providing superior armed and unarmed security services. Our mission is to deliver unmatched protection and professionalism, ensuring our clients' properties / persons safety and peace of mind. DTS differentiates itself by implementing an innovative and comprehensive training curriculum, significantly exceeding the standard requirements set by the state of Michigan.

Our unique advantage lies in our adoption of a required rigorous training program, inspired by Krav Maga and firearms proficiency courses developed by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). This approach guarantees that every DTS officer is proficient in physical defense, firearm handling, de-escalation techniques, and security standard operating procedures (SOPs). Our commitment to excellence ensures that our team surpasses traditional security training standards.

DTS is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of expertise and readiness. All security personnel are required to undergo recertification every two years, which includes advanced training in firearm proficiency, de-escalation strategies, security SOPs, and adherence to our rigorous code of conduct. This ensures our team remains equipped with the latest skills and knowledge to meet evolving security challenges.

The strength of DTS is further enhanced by our executive team, which brings together vast experience in private security services, deescalation, Krav Maga, martial arts, and firearms training. This diverse expertise underpins our strategic vision and operational excellence, enabling us to navigate complex security and business landscapes effectively.

Opting for DTS means selecting a security service that prioritizes your safety through:

  • Advanced Training: Officers trained beyond state requirements in a Krav Maga-based curriculum, including specialized firearms training.

  • Expertise in De-escalation: A key focus on de-escalation strategies ensures conflicts are resolved peacefully, minimizing risks to your personnel and property.

  • Recertification (every 2 years): A commitment to continuous improvement and adherence to the latest security practices and regulations.

  • Experienced Leadership: Guidance from an executive team with comprehensive expertise across various relevant fields.


Dynamic Tactical Security is your partner in ensuring the utmost safety and professionalism. With our innovative training, focus on de-escalation, and experienced leadership, DTS stands apart as a provider committed to the highest standards of security services. Trust us to bring our dedication, innovation, and excellence to meet and exceed your security needs.

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